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Partake Group was founded in June 2013. Our group consists of experienced counselors and professionals such as school teachers, sports coaches, and health coaches who organize various events to build up the character of kids belonging to different vicinity of life. We have been continuously working on up to the minute and innovative projects in order to keep the interest of kids, as well as to engage kids in healthy and safe activities.

We care about our campers and staff: 


Campers, when they come back this summer, will find a lot of new activities and surprises that will amaze them. Campers will enjoy the variety of activities such as arts, land sports, water sports, social activities, and field trips. 


Partake is an opportunity for both campers and staff to learn life skills such as promoting teamwork, socializing and being committed.


At Partake, we believe that the best way for kids to learn is through playing. In every activity, we try to create some challenges for the kids to experience winning and losing, so they can learn that sportsmanship is about how they accept the result in a gracious way. Camp is the best place for kids to make friends outside their usual circle. 

At Partake, we take the children away from their limited world of computers and smartphones to the world where they use simple things and their own creativity to amuse themselves in have fun.

Why Partake?
  • It’s the camper’s home away from home. 

All our staff of altered functional positions are here in Partake for the same reason, we all love working with kids. That is why we are more than just a camp, we are a family. Campers enjoy coming every day with a big smile on their faces. Campers and staff always say that Partake feels like at home.


  • It’s fun.

Challenges and feeling at home are fun and comfortable. We always create such environment. 


  • Meeting the nicest people. 

One of the things that make us special is our campers and staff. Our campers and staff are the best people in town. You don't want to miss this at all.

Campers will come to camp expecting to make friends but they will end up making a family.

  • Learning new skills

The place is safe and filled with love for campers to learn new skills and experience new challenges. We believe that the best way for kids to learn is through games and activities. Our camp strives to increase the camper’s level of confidence and encourage the kids to get involved in every activity and to communicate with each other. We focus on the kind of skills that kids will not learn at home or school. 

Hessa and Munera al Kulaib
Our Mission:

Creating the best platform for campers to enjoy every moment in our camp. 

Our Vision:
  • Keep on providing our campers with the highest quality of activities and services.

  • Always having developed camp program to satisfy all tastes. 

  • Being the child’s first choice to spend their free time with.

Caring and helping kids
Our Values:
  • Respect and Compassion:

Respecting each other’s and respecting other people’s ideas and not making fun of it.

  • Caring: 

To support the well-being of others and of the place.

  • Diversity:

Campers and counselors are from different races, classes, genders with different backgrounds, cultural contexts, and world views. They are all same.

  • Participating and Engaging:

Every kid has the right to participate and engages in a different type of activities to learn.

  • Leadership:

Giving kids the chance to lead some activities to become more responsible. 

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