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Staff Terms & Conditions

This written Terms & Conditions will help to have a better understanding of our nature work so you can ask for any clearance and have the choice of staying or quitting.

These Staff Regulations and Rules shall apply solely to all individuals who are recruited for Partake Summer/Winter Camp. Unless otherwise the accepted applicant asked for removing some of the rules for special circumstances with an agreement from the camp director. Addition to that rules shall not apply to visitors on a daily basis for a total period not exceeding 4 continuous/intermittent days.


Camp Management team will apply the three warning policy, first warning is verbal and the second two warnings are written. Camp staff shall follow Kuwait culture rules and know that the camp Terms & Conditions are written accordingly. 

  • Assignment of Staff Members.

- All Staff members will be evaluated according to specific standers-by the camp director.

- Final Decision goes to the camp director​.

- Senior supervisor manages day to day functions of the camp day and he/she participate in evaluating each and every other staff member.​​

  • Working Hours and Absences.

- Unauthorized absence leads to warning.

- Two unauthorized continues absences leads to written warning.

- Repeated absences with authorization, final decision goes to Camp Directors and Senior Supervisor to accept or reject the excuses.

- All staff schedule changes or switches must be approved through the director.

- Contact the direst supervisor if you are running late.

- Camp Directors shall have no absences, but if so Senior Supervisor and a Supervisor chosen by the Camp Directors will be the proxy.

  • Discrimination or Harassment.

- Any form of discrimination or harassment, including sexual or gender harassment, as well as physical or verbal abuse in the workplace is prohibited. In case it happened, Camp directors will take the necessary procedures to deal with the situation.

  • Activities outside the Camp.

- Camp Directors are not responsible for any activities outside camp unless camp gives a previous notice to the staff.

  • Honors and Gifts.

- No staff members shall accept any valuable gifts from the camper or camper’s parent without getting permission from Camp Directors.

  • Privileges.

- Camp director will share some of the privileges during the staff orintation.

  • Camp Awards

- Any subspecies decision made by supervisors or senior counselors about awards, camp directors will take the necessary actions to change or cancel the awards.

  • Conflict-ions

- If any of the staff faced any conflict with the fellow staff you can always go to your supervisor for advise or help.

- Camp directors can step in for help if your supervisor nor senior supervisor couldn't help.

- If any staff members have any conflict or misunderstanding situation between one of the camp directors, he/she shall talk to the responsible director without having a third party.

  • Appearance

- All staff shall wear the camp t-shirts and name tags during the camp period. 

- Camp Directors have the right to comment or judge staff members general appearance.

- Clothing must be in good condition, w/o holes, frays, or signs of heavy wear.

- Apparel w/ slogans or pictures in inappropriate places on the body are forbidden. 

- No underwear should be showing. Bare midriffs and super-baggy, low-slung pants are not permitted.

- Swimsuits are permitted while participating in water activities. Bikinis are not permitted. 

- For any other questions regarding the dress code, please ask your direct supervisor.

  • Manners

- All staff shall respect their fellow staff and their supervisors. ​


  • ​Injuries

- If a child becomes injured, proper First Aid procedures should be followed. All staff must possess a current certification in Kuwait Red Crescent Society Emergency First Aid and a First Aid manual will be available in the Camp Office

- If it is not an emergency, report it to your senior counselor or supervisor and he/she will take care of the problem.


More rules and regulations will be introduced during the staff orientation. For any further information or concern please contact us or you can also check some Frequently asked questions.


Special thanks go to Khaled Al Harbi and Sara Al Rumaih previous senior supervisors for all the help to put all the rules and regulations.

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